5 reasons to have Rose Gold Opal Jewelry in your collection


Rose gold is massively on trend right now and mixed with opal it is the perfect combination for your jewellery collection! Here are 5 reasons you need to wear some rose gold and opal this season!


1) Rose gold is timeless and totally taking the fashion world by storm.  Popular in the 1800's in Russia it was originally called Russian gold.  It made a come back with the extravagant  lifestyles in the 'roaring 20's' and now is an International must have!  You'll see it trending in jewellery, accessories, fashion & home decor!  Mix it with opal and it is hot hot hot! So get on board and wear some today!!!


2) Rose gold perfectly accompanies opal.  It utterly compliments those unique and beautiful flashes of reds, pinks, yellows, oranges and greens.  It is the perfect combination of soft, feminine and sophistication.  It looks great together! Don't just take my word for it!  It's a match made in heaven!


3) This particular gold colour is perfect for your skin tone! This gold colour palette comes alive depending on the copper to gold ratio. Traditionally it was made with a blend of yellow gold and copper but now a small amount of silver is also added.  Rose gold really compliments all skin tones and is great all year round despite how much sun your skin has seen!


4) This is non-traditional opal jewellery with a burst of romance and elegance.  Rose gold is the perfect gift for the modern romance. More and more people are choosing rose gold jewellery for their wedding.  Not to mention engagement rings! Rose gold opal engagement rings are unique and full of love with a hint of vintage style.  There is something so sweet and romantic about rose gold.  Mix it with opal and it gives a nice twist on your traditional opal earrings, studs, pendants and rings. Rose gold really gives a modern kick, making rose gold opal jewellery, a must have this season!


5) Everyday wear to red carpet ready! Rose gold opal jewellery can be worn to the office, the high street or on the red carpet. It screams style and charm to complete opulence. Rings and stud earrings especially are so versatile.  Shannon handcrafted me some rose gold opal studs for my 30th birthday recently. I am totally and utterly in love with them! Not only because they are on point and the gold colour matches the opal perfectly but I can wear them every day! They compliment my outfit what ever I'm wearing! I am so in love with them (& him)!

This week we all saw some beautiful jewellery pieces on the red carpet at the Met Gala 2017.  The extravagant array of various gemstones were breathtaking. We also spotted Rihanna wearing a beautiful 18k rose gold ring. Too bad she didn't have any opal paired with it.     


Whether it's a ring, pendant or earrings, if you're looking for some rose gold opal jewellery check out our collection or head over to our contact page and let us make something custom for you!

Unique rose gold opal jewellery for a unique you!! 

Kimberley xx



Kimberley is originally from Liverpool in the UK and is a mother of three young daughters.  She loves opal and jewellery design and in her spare time loves travelling around South Australia with her family exploring and living life to the full.  

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