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Opal mining, Opal fields, Coober Pedy, South Australia, Out back, Natural Australian Opal, Kimberley Opal
My husband Shannon grew up on the Opal fields of Coober Pedy, South Australia. His father caught ‘Opal fever’ and set out to the Opal fields taking the family with him.
Coober Pedy is a small town with a population of approximately 3500 people located in the outback of South Australia. It is a 9 hour drive from the states capital city Adelaide.  Opal was first found in Coober Pedy in 1915 and has since then been a leading provider of opal. 
Opal mine, Kimberley Opal, Opal fields, Natural Opal, Genuine Australian Opal, Coober Pedy, South Australia
Shannon at the age of eight would find left over pieces of opal (potch and colour) and try and sell them to tourists whilst waiting for his father to finish work at the bus station.  At 16 he was opal mining with his brother and at 21 Shannon learnt the art of jewellery making. 
Coober Pedy South Australia Kimberley Opal Natural Australian Opal
Together we have opal fever and are passionate about Opal and the opal fields of Coober Pedy.  We love the joy beautiful opal brings.  Shannon & I have three young beautiful daughters so only do some mining but visit the field regularly.  We source our opal from our friends, the miners, in Coober Pedy.  All our jewellery is handcrafted by Shannon on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.  
Coober Pedy Opal Fields Kimberley Opal Natural Australian Opal
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 The Breakaways, Coober Pedy, South Australia, Kimberley Opal, Natural Australian Opal