Handcrafted Australian Natural Opal Jewellery - The Perfect Gift for Mothers Day!

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Mothers Day is just around the corner and if you haven't already got your lovely mum a gift, now's your chance to give her something to hold dear to her heart.  


What is your mum like? I can guarantee she's different to mine.  That's because we are all unique.  Mothers are all different.  We have our common parenting themes but who we are and how we mother is different.  So what better gift for your unique, individual, one of a kind mum than an Opal.  Did you know every opal is different? Opal is super rare and totally individual just like your mum! 

For me, becoming a mother to three wonderful little people took my appreciation for my mum to a whole new level! Being a mum is hard! The lack of sleep, the selflessness, no more trips to the toilet alone, the washing, the nappy changes, the lack of sleep, the cooking, the school runs, the 'mum guilts' and did I mention the lack of sleep?!! It is all so worth it and I wouldn't change it in a heart beat but boy can it be overwhelming at times. This is why on the extremely rare occasion, I love it when I get to go out with my husband on a date.  I get dressed up, put on my heals, lip stick ready and wear my favourite opal pendant and earrings! It's like in that moment of just having some 'me time' to do my hair, make up, wear a gorgeous dress & throwing on my opal jewellery, makes me feel I could step out onto that red carpet! Opal makes me feel like a million bucks! I am relaxed and confident and ready to be me.  I can embrace the moment and be at peace.


Opal Ring


I am so grateful for my mum and the influence she's had on my life.  She's shaped me into who I am today.  I understand not everyone can celebrate with their mum for various reasons so this Mother's Day let's not forget our grandmothers or those influential women who raised us as their own! Whoever you're thinking of this Mothers Day let's truly embrace it and tell them thank you.   And what better way than with some opal jewellery.




What do you love and remember about your mum when you were growing up? Was it walking in from school to the house smelling amazing from all the wonderful baking and meal prep? Or was it mum driving you everywhere so you could be on that sporting team or be at that friends party? And remember when mum laughed and cried with you through the good and the bad? When mum calmed you down from being a crazy bridezilla or helping you when you become a mother for the first time? So many different seasons of mothering all with goals to love, protect and nurture.


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Once you're a mum you're a mum forever.  No matter how grown up you are now.  Mum's can't take a break from mothering. Yes it may get easier once the kids are more independent and out of nappies but mothering evolves and takes on different roles and turns. I know most mums would still be worrying about their adult children not to mention the grandchildren!


Mothers Day is a beautiful time to reflect on all the amazing things your mum has done for you over the years. The things seen and unseen.  The joy, tears, stress and guilt she most likely experienced.   The encouragement and support.  The endless giving even though she may have thought she had nothing else left to give. 


Opal Pendant


The most important thing you can do this mothers day is tell her you love her and spend time with her if you can. You can also bless her by giving her an ultimately unique thank you gift reflecting a one of a kind woman!

Your mum deserves a thank you gift like no other.  And Yes dads, the pasta necklace your kids made at kindy is super meaningful and will definitely not be forgotten but nothing says thank you more than a piece of opal jewellery. A special stone for a very special woman.


A new opal pendant for your mum can give her added confidence and beauty.   Why not take a look at our collections and discover that unique piece.

Dad's if your reading this in desperation searching for the perfect gift for your wife from your kids... you've come to the right place! Head over to our Earrings page and check out some lovely one of a kind pairs we have there right now.  It's a perfect place to start!!


 Kimberley Opal


No matter what age you or you mother are, opal is a timeless gift that transforms into an heirloom.


Enjoy this mothers day with your mum.  And if you have children enjoy being a mum.  

Life is precious.  


Kimberley xx  


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 Perfect gift for mothers day


Kimberley is originally from Liverpool in the UK and is a mother of three young daughters.  She loves opal and jewellery design and in her spare time loves travelling around South Australia with her family exploring and living life to the full.  

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