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6 Reasons to Give Some Natural Australian Opal Jewellery

Natural Australian opal jewellery is the perfect gift for a variety of occasions but here' 6 reasons to give that are close to my heart!    1) A 30th Birthday! I recently celebrated my 30th birthday. Goodbye 20's, hello 30's! Although I've been married nearly ten years and have three beautiful daughters as I turned 30 true adulthood hit me! Silly I know, but I was like okay, I've got to take my maturity to a new level. Ha Ha.  Shopping for clothes I found myself putting items back and thinking 'oh no I cant shop here anymore'.  All probably ridiculous but I also found myself thinking now's the time to increase my precious jewellery collection.  No more cheap costume jewellery,...

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Autumn and Opal Jewelry the Perfect Partnership

  Autumn and Opal seem to compliment each other perfectly.  A change of season often brings about a change of wardrobe, so why not change up your jewelry too?! Natural Australian Opal for your autumn jewelry collection.  Perfection! Autumn is simply beautiful. I get so excited about the change of seasons and the new things each one brings. Autumn is so stunning especially in South Australia.  The long hot summer days have left us and although it's getting cooler the weather seems to be perfect.  The temperature in the opal fields too is dreamy and the perfect time to be mining.  Back in the Adelaide hills it is captivating.  Driving through the canopies of reds, pale greens, yellows and oranges...

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Handcrafted Australian Natural Opal Jewellery - The Perfect Gift for Mothers Day!

  Mothers Day is just around the corner and if you haven't already got your lovely mum a gift, now's your chance to give her something to hold dear to her heart.     What is your mum like? I can guarantee she's different to mine.  That's because we are all unique.  Mothers are all different.  We have our common parenting themes but who we are and how we mother is different.  So what better gift for your unique, individual, one of a kind mum than an Opal.  Did you know every opal is different? Opal is super rare and totally individual just like your mum!  For me, becoming a mother to three wonderful little people took my appreciation for...

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