6 Reasons to Give Some Natural Australian Opal Jewellery

Natural Australian opal jewellery is the perfect gift for a variety of occasions but here' 6 reasons to give that are close to my heart! 


1) A 30th Birthday!

I recently celebrated my 30th birthday. Goodbye 20's, hello 30's! Although I've been married nearly ten years and have three beautiful daughters as I turned 30 true adulthood hit me! Silly I know, but I was like okay, I've got to take my maturity to a new level. Ha Ha.  Shopping for clothes I found myself putting items back and thinking 'oh no I cant shop here anymore'.  All probably ridiculous but I also found myself thinking now's the time to increase my precious jewellery collection.  No more cheap costume jewellery, I'm 30 now, I need to dress and act the part! I asked my husband Shannon to make me some Rose Gold Opal studs for my 30th. I'd been asking him to develop something Rose Gold as it's on trend and popular every where you look.  I really wanted something special for my 30th to add to my 'adult' jewellery collection.  Boy did he deliver! I love them! The colour of the opal is divine, they are unique and so feminine! Only problem - I have three daughters so I'm going need some more to pass down to all three of them! The studs are a perfect heirloom to pass down to family.  My best friend also recently turned 30 and I struggled cause what do you buy the girl who is blessed with everything.  Then I was like hello - Opal is perfect! Thinking of the same reasons why I wanted opal for my 30th and knowing she didn't have any opal herself it was the perfect gift.  I gave her a pendant set in yellow gold and she loved it! Opal set in yellow, white or rose gold is a beautiful keepsake and such a special gift for a 30th Birthday.  



2) Will you Marry Me???

More and more people are moving away from the traditional princess cut diamond ring! Couples are requesting unique jewellery so as not to be the same as every other engaged couple.  Some are even opting for just one ring! An engagement and wedding ring in one! We recently had one request from a lady who had been married ten years and didn't like her engagement and wedding bands any more.  She explained her lovely husband picked it and although she was super grateful it just wasn't 100% her.  Her true love was opal and once her jewellery was all white gold, she now thought rose gold was a much better suit for her skin tone. We custom designed a faultless rose gold opal ring for her. The one ring to replace the two previous engagement and wedding bands.  It was hard not to smile when seeing the joy on her face. She loves it.  So if you're thinking of asking your loved one to marry you, consider opal - after all it is as unique as you both! 


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3) To remember some one.  

We have numerous requests to custom make opal jewellery for men and women to remember a loved one with.  It's truly a privilege to hear these heart wrenching stories of love and loss and to be able to hand craft something in remembrance of their loved one. We have hand made pieces for mothers wanting to remember their children with. We've also heard the tragic stories of women going through the horrors of miscarriage. A piece of opal jewellery that they can carry with them always will reflect beautifully the little life lost.  


 Kimberley Opal, Opal Pendant, Natural Australian Opal


4) Wedding Jewellery!

You've had an amazing proposal, you've said YES and you've waited for this moment your whole life. Planning a wedding can be a challenge and often raises those stress levels but oh so worth it when you're standing next to your prince. My friend recently got married, she'd been waiting so long to find her prince charming, it was such a joyous occasion when the day finally came for her to become a MRS.  She looked beautiful, she was so happy and her dress and jewellery were stunning.  Jewellery is such an important part of the 'wedding look'. Lot's of attention goes to the hair, the make up, the wedding rings, THE DRESS but don't forget the jewellery.  Having an up do for your hair? Long shepherd hook earrings are perfect! Down hair? Opal studs are the way to go! Why not add a large pendant with a stunning dash of crystal based opal with pinfire colour! Match your gold to your rings and your bridal outfit and you're ready to confidently charge down that aisle to your Mr! 


Opal is also a beautiful gift to provide to your bridesmaids.  It's a perfect thank you gift for all the things they've helped you to plan for your wedding or when they were there to calm you down when things where a bit overwhelming.  Don't forget the mother's of the bride and groom too! They will wear their opal always remembering your wedding and the beautiful vows you took knowing their children are perfectly matched.   


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5) A new life!!

We welcomed the birth of our third daughter last year. I'm going to be honest it was a pretty traumatic.  Our first two daughters births and pregnancies were a breeze compared to this one.  Sadly we didn't see out the whole nine months and our daughter was born two months early. She is super healthy nearly a year on and we are so thankful for her that she is here with us when doctors told us otherwise.  Pregnancy & giving birth is tough even when things go to plan and are straight forward. And let's not forget those c-section mummas either, the healing process their bodies have to go through whilst still caring for their newborn and sometimes their siblings too.  All new mums deserve a medal! We often have thoughtful dads requesting custom pieces for their partners following the birth of a child.  What better way to say 'I love you' and 'Thank you for making our tiny person'.   The opal is a beautiful stone to remember these beautiful moments in life.   




6) Jet setting!

Are you planning an overseas adventure?  Do you have family you need to buy a gift for? Opal is Australia's national gemstone! Yes you can give them a touristy tea towel, a toy kangaroo or a koala fridge magnet but what truely gives your loved ones a taste of this beautiful land other than OPAL! It's often a request we get to make custom pieces for loved ones and what better way to give them a little piece of Australia!!!! 


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These are all occasions we've custom made opal for.  What's your next occasion? Or reason to buy someone a gift? Consider opal jewellery it's prefect!





 Kimberley Opal, Genuine Australian Opal, South Australia, Adelaide, Fleurieu Peninsula

Kimberley is originally from Liverpool in the UK and is a mother of three young daughters.  She loves opal and jewellery design and in her spare time loves travelling around South Australia with her family exploring and living life to the full.  

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